Gifts of Stocks and Bonds

Stocks, bonds, and mutual funds are great ways to give without incurring capital gains on appreciated assets. Gifting appreciated assets results in a double tax benefit: 1) If you’ve held the asset longer than one year (long-term capital gain property), you avoid paying capital gains tax on the appreciated asset; 2) The gifted amount is an eligible tax deduction and will be listed on your annual church giving statement.

For example, if you purchased stock for $1,000 several years ago and its value is now $10,000, rather than selling the stock and paying tax on the $9,000 gain, you could donate the stock directly to the church. You avoid capital gains taxes on the $9,000, receive a $10,000 charitable giving tax deduction, as well as provide the church with the full $10,000 value of the stock.


Step one

Contact your brokerage firm and let them know that you want to transfer assets to Renovation Church. 


Step two

Give your brokerage firm our Renovation Church brokerage contact.

ATTN: Office of Mara AC Wessel of Edward Jones
16406 US Why 17 N
Coastline Station, Suite 4
Hampstead, NC 28443

Phone: 910-620-0414


Step three

Approve the transfer with your brokerage firm. Then you will receive a donation letter from Renovation Church once the transfer takes place.