What's So Great About Being Brand New?


There is no greater moment in the history of a new family, company, or church than those first few formidable months. The remarkable ambition—the stop-at-nothing drive. There is nothing like being brand new. God granted that opportunity for Renovation Church this past Easter Sunday when we saw nearly 600 people show up to our grand opening.  We met so many new friends and nothing excited us more than when individuals and families said they found their new home. As we had prayed for, so many truly felt like they belonged.

Renovation Church offers people the chance for a fresh start, opportunities to do good things for our community, and a place to be a part of a loving, generous network of individuals ready to do BIG things for Jesus.

Being a brand new church means multiple opportunities for individuals to take hold of a vision and live the mission. For the next several months we want every person to make to the most of Renovation Church being brand new! Don’t miss out on serving, giving and the countless opportunities to invite your neighbors and friends. They’ll want to discover more about,”that brand new church that meets in a middle school gym.” After all, who wouldn’t?!

Join Renovation's mission of ensuring that every, man, woman, and child will have repeated opportunities to see, hear, and respond to the message of Jesus Christ.