The Power of Prayer & Fasting


There is focus that comes from fasting—removing something so that God has more room to speak, move, and stir the heart. There is power in prayer—a sacred conversation between us and God. Unlike any earthly conversation, it has the power to free us from bondage, heal the sick, raise the dead back to life. We believe that when practiced together, fasting and prayer, can produce immeasurably more. That’s why we’re taking the next 30 days as a church body to fast and pray.

In Matthew 4, Jesus was called out into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. It was there that for 40 days and nights he experienced an intense time of prayer and fasting. His example of enduring hunger and resisting temptation reminds us of the importance of focus and clarity. It’s no coincidence that God allowed Jesus to experience this just before he began his ministry on earth—it was by design. God was beginning a movement where He would ultimately stir a great revival in his chosen people, reaping a spiritual harvest never seen before.

We are a part of a movement to renovate entire communities. We believe God wants a revival and a harvest like we’ve never seen before. But it can only take place when we partner with God, calling on His name and asking him to move in ways we cannot. We are totally dependent on Him. Consider what can be removed so that you can become more keenly aware of God moving.

For Renovation Church, these days are some of the most important days of our history. A foundation is being laid, community is being established, vision is becoming clear and hundreds, if not thousands, of lives will be impacted. What we do over the next few weeks individually, as a family, and corporately, will play a significant part in the legacy made by Renovation Church.

Let’s set our objectives, ask the Holy Spirit to move in us during this time, make it a priority and expect results. He will not disappoint.


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