The Old Is Finished


What an exciting moment for us to announce the name of the church to the community of Hampstead. As I have been praying over the name of the new church plant, the name Renovation Church has continue to resonate with the mission that God has laid upon my heart. It gives immediate image to the work of Jesus Christ in our lives. The word renovate in the latin form is known as novare, or "to make new." We want individuals - and even more than that, entire communities - made new through the redeeming, regenerating, reconciling power of Jesus.

The old is finished, the new has come.

Christ has given us the ministry of reconciliation and while he is the one renovating hearts, we've been given the opportunity to be used by Him in sharing this gift with others. The renovation process has a very clear objective that requires patience, perseverance, and persistence. Renovation Church will be aiming for community impact. As more and more people in the community are made new by Jesus - everything will change. Together we'll be renovating Hampstead with the love of Christ.

So, get excited and get out there. Join with me in spreading the news of Renovation Church coming to Hampstead!


- Jonathan Cockrell

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