Thank You.


Our journey in life is always impacted by our relationships. People who have gone before us give us the wisdom, support, and encouragement to help us overcome the challenges that are associated with life’s journey. We are better as a result of their encouragement, we are stronger as a result of their wisdom, and we are blessed because of their investments. One of the great joys of life is expressing gratitude to the people who have helped you accomplish the dream and desires of your heart. They help that vision take flight. They are cheering you on— celebrating the wins with you. I want to take the time, on behalf of Renovation Church, to thank all of those who have been apart of this adventure of helping start this new church in the great community of Hampstead, NC.

Thank you to every church. Those that took the time to sit down with me and hear the vision of Renovation Church. The pastors and leaders who helped me think through some of the challenges of planting a church. Humble wisdom was graciously given to help protect us from their own mistakes. Thank you for praying with me and over me as I stepped out in faith to lead people in starting this new church. Thank you for taking our church before your people so they could pray for the work taking place in Hampstead. Thank you to each church that gave so generously to help us reach our community. Your selflessness has influenced me greatly and Renovation Church will always be grateful to you for taking interest in our mission of reaching people for Christ.

Thank you for the family and friends that sat and listened to the vision being casted for a new church in the community in which I live. Each of you took the time to hear what God was doing in my life and the opportunity that was in front of us.  I was grateful to have the opportunity to share how your story has been apart of my own story. There are many life lessons that I have learned from each of you which have helped me become the leader that I am today. Your story is apart of the story of Renovation Church. Thank you for your financial generosity and the sacrifice each of you made to help us purchase the equipment we needed. You're investment has and will continue making a lasting impact on eternity.

Thank you to our launch team members for your generosity, trust, encouragement. The amazing support you have shown and your willingness to do what ever it takes has truly made this a remarkable journey for me.  I’m so thankful and blessed to have this opportunity to serve this community and lead this church with you.

The greatest thanks goes to the one who has made it all possible and He deserves all glory and honor for everything thing that has been done through this new church called, Renovation Church. All thanks and glory to Jesus— for your ultimate picture of generosity on the cross and the grace you showed in allowing my story, our stories, to be a part of your greater story.

Jonathan Cockrell #renohampstead