How To Maximize Your Personal Invite

Imagine for a moment: Would you go to a birthday party for a stranger because you saw a catchy invitation in the trash? Would you show up to someone else's family reunion because a killer spread of decadent treats, waitin' for the pickin', was luring you in from the highway? If the answer is no, then you probably wouldn't attend a vision gathering for a church you've never heard about with a bunch of people you've never met. Chances are you would be much more likely to attend a new event if someone you personally trusted invited you join them.

With that being said, we've given you 5 possible ways to maximize your personal invite for this coming Community Interest Meeting Nov 23rd:

  1. Make it personal (this is an obvious, often over-looked point). People want to know that their presence is sought after before they forego a fabulous Sunday afternoon spent on the couch watching reruns of {insert your favorite show here}.
  2. Let them know in advance so they have time to make plans to join you.
  3. Sweeten the deal with the details. Literally, we've sweetened the deal with funnel cakes, pulled pork and a good time. If you feel the need to bring them over brownies when you invite, that's up to you (but be sure you're brownies are delicious).
  4. Tell them why November 23rd is a big deal to you.
  5. Don't make assumptions about anyone. Your neighbor who's been attending her church for 25 years, could be praying for God to provide a new step of faith and joining a church plant would be a perfect opportunity for her.

Follow the link here in the "Let's Do Life Together" segment for RSVPing details. We're praying for 150+. Make your personal invitation count!


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