Because Mom, You're Worth It.


Every Sunday we talk about the mission at Renovation church: to ensure every man, woman, and child have repeated opportunities to see, hear, and respond the love of Jesus Christ. We believe that outside of sharing the Gospel, two main objectives help us in accomplishing this great task: creating great environments and creating memorable moments. Both break down walls and remove barriers so that people can better connect with Jesus. Renovation Church values the role of motherhood and the impact moms and women of all ages and stages have on our community! That’s why our Mothers Day celebration will be a strategic moment for us as a church. It will not only accomplish our mission of reaching families in our community but it will show our deep love for serving the people God has placed in our area. For Mother’s Day we will create an environment that demonstrates our appreciation for the women/moms God has blessed us with. Loving on moms will be the way we allow them to see and experience the love of Jesus. We will champion and cheer them on because, moms—You’re worth it.

Mother’s day is a great way for each of us to engage in the mission of Renovation Church—and it will take every person who calls Renovation home to play a role. What’s that role? To simply invite families to join us.

Let’s reach out so that this Mother’s Day, every woman in our area will have an opportunity to feel celebrated, appreciated, and loved by Jesus.