Something Missing | Heather's Story

And they lived happily ever after…
Except they didn’t.  

Like so many married couples, Heather Phillips was left picking up the pieces of her life after divorce.  It was a small town that belonged to him, not her.  And the upsets kept coming, as the resilient Davie County native lost her job.  

It was a difficult time, filled with prayer and tears.  With the help of her mom, Heather moved back to her home state of North Carolina.  The tender hearted beauty decided to put love on the backburner and just try to sort out the surprising turn life had taken.  

Instead of solace in isolation as she planned, Heather found love on!  Heather and her handsome husband Eric blended their families with a June wedding in 2015, each gaining three more amazing children for a total of six kids.  

This is the part where happily ever after was supposed to kick in again, and it did!  For the most part.

“I had everything.  A great husband, 6 beautiful children, a great job.  But there was one piece of the puzzle missing,” Heather revealed.  The dimples framing her contagious smile deepened as she cooed sweetly at a baby sitting nearby.  

She and Eric had talked about attending church.  They just weren’t sure where to go, but God made the decision easy for them.  

“Mom, I found a church!” her youngest daughter, Morgan, told her one day.  A friend had invited her, so the family decided to check it out. 

Heather remembers every moment of that first church service with such clarity.  The sermon was about growing ones faith and Tita Cockrell sang Amazing Grace.  The gorgeous x-ray technician cried through the entire service, realizing that Renovation Church was exactly where she needed to be and God was the missing puzzle piece.

This self-described homebody is not one to venture outside of her comfort zone, but she jumped right into church, joining Ross and Diana Trifoli’s Missional Community Group (MCG).  An MCG is basically a small group of people from church who get together once a week with the purpose of diving a little deeper into the sermon.  They pray together, eat together, and grow in their faith together.  

“When I pulled up to their house the first time, I wasn’t even nervous,” Heather shared, still surprised about her lack of fear.  “I posted on Facebook that night that I don’t like to go out of my box but I felt so welcomed. Like it was family.”

Sincere, authentic, and fearless describe this cheerful softball mom well.  While many would shy away from sharing their past and their pain, Heather embraces it, fearlessly recounting the difficult details that led her to the cross.  She is a living testimony that even in the darkness, God has a plan and He does not fail us.   

Her youngest daughter made the decision to dedicate her life to following Jesus during a fall church camp called DNOW.  Mother and daughter were baptized together by Pastor Joey Todd on November 6, 2016.  

“I can honestly say that I was looking for complete happiness and it’s there now.  I can feel it in my heart,” Heather stated, eyes wide with sincerity and awe at God’s faithfulness.  

It has been said that happiness is circumstantial but joy is from the Lord.  Heather’s joy is infectious, and her story is a beacon of hope to those who feel like a piece of their puzzle is missing.  God is still at work, even in the darkness, and Heather’s very life is proof. 

God is within her, she will not fall - Psalms 46:5