5 Things We're Excited About

Church planting is hard and most often, outsiders don't know what goes into making sure a church take flight. Every successful church plant has an army of prayer warriors and faithful followers, fully committed to the vision, who are making all kinds of incredible stuff happen behind the scenes. We believe that God has cropped up the right people, in the right place, with the right vision and at the right time for His purpose at Renovation Church. We're seeing God make Himself known in our community and we're pretty excited about what He's got in store at Renovation Church. That's why this week, we've put together 5 Things We're Excited About, and you should be too

1. The word has traveled fast. You guys are killin' it with social media and word-of-mouth. Check this out:

  • Since last Tuesday, we've gained 33 new subscribers to the newsletter.  With a grand total of 120 unique subscribers (up from 87 last week), we've grown a whopping 38% in one week. That’s not counting how many of you forward this newsletter to a friend.
  • In just 3 weeks we've gotten over 200 likes on Facebook and we're adding to that number daily. If we stay at this pace, gaining an easy goal of 20 likes a week, we'll double by 2015. For every new follower on Facebook, we increase our visual impact on people's news feeds. That's free publicity people.
  • The launch of this website has been smooth and successful. It's being viewed as far away as Haiti and in cities like Nashville, Charlotte, and Tampa.

2. We're official. Here's a confession from church planters: Paperwork isn't fun. However, we've managed to knock out the time-consuming pieces in a few short weeks, thanks to a few good friends. This week we achieved our 501C(3) Status approval, Articles of Incorporation and a bank account.

3. Partnerships are being made (Tampa, Florida). Last week Jon and Tita made a trip to Tampa to continue networking with local churches and individuals who would potentially partner with Renovation Church. Having grown up in the Tampa area, both were so excited to reconnect and share with those who had, for so many years, invested in their marriage and ministry. Jon is excited to celebrate that his trip gave an opportunity for him to meet with 4 churches who are now praying about a continued partnership with the church plant.

4. Our team is diverse. The list of core team members is eclectic, multigenerational, and full of unique stories. There are specialists, multi-taskers, and so many avenues of untapped creativity. We've got teachers, entrepreneurs, bankers, nurses, homemakers, artists, students, retired, and the list goes on. We are more than blessed with the team God's already provided and yet He's still sending more!  This should be creating a sense of anticipation for all of us.

5. We are expanding. Our Community Interest Meeting is happening this Sunday night *rescheduled* and there are already several potential core team members on that list. Even more exciting, that list includes people new to the area looking for a church as well as families who are praying about stepping out from their local church to join us in church planting. Want to know one last thing we're excited about? Hampstead is growing and so is Surf City, Holly Ridge, and Sneads Ferry--All areas in great need of the Gospel.  We've got all the possibilities in the world to make Jesus' name known in our community.


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