3 Things We've Learned About Rescheduling


Last week we rescheduled our long anticipated Community Interest Meeting due to inclement weather. While it wasn’t an expected change, we're confident that it was the right choice. We learned some things in this process that may help you next time you have to make the decision to reschedule. First, we had to examine the original purpose.

Reaching families is at the heart of everything we do. When we began designing our Community Interest Meeting we wanted the location and activities to be neutral while still allowing a family-friendly and engaging atmosphere.

Prior to the weather going south (the forecast showed mid 60's, torrential downpours, and a light breeze of 20MPH—What?!) we knew we'd be limited in space and parking—so we planned to leverage being outside on a nice fall night with the family, to our advantage by calling on Poor Piggy’s food truck for dinner, Deb’s Funnel Cakes for dessert. Not only that, but we planned for a fire station packed  with activities for kids like face painting, fire truck tours, and inflatables. Details matter. Especially when you’re working to get entire families plugged in and leaving them with a positive experience.

When we realized those objectives would be compromised with the shaky weather ahead, we had to be vision-minded enough to reschedule the event.

Secondly, we asked for feedback.

Last Thursday, we knew that if the cold, wet, and uncomfortable weather conditions would make it difficult for core team members to attend—the general public would have a hard time making it a part of their Sunday afternoon activities as well. So we asked a few of you what you thought and your response allowed us to evaluate the affect weather would play on attendance. If we wanted to maximize our resources and achieve the best turnout, we had to change the date.

Perspective brings clarity when making big decisions. When you seek feedback you gain an angle that you wouldn’t have seen before.

If you’re in any type of leadership position, valuing team member opinions builds team dynamics and brings about an additional level of participation—And what leaders wouldn’t want that?

Build the team today for the challenges of tomorrow.—John Maxwell

Finally, we had to trust that God would work it out.

God is faithful. We serve a God who knows all things and determines all things. God knew the weather wouldn’t match up, therefore we trust that the risk was worth it; both for those who worked diligently in inviting others, and those who were invited.

Bottom line: We can’t predict weather, but we can trust God’s sovereignty.

No big decision is easy to make but we can rest in God's perfect timing and His will.  “Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.” Proverbs 19:21 Turns out, deciding to reschedule has actually increased our attendance, proving that God’s plan is way greater than we can ever imagine.

Reading this for the first time and want to join us? Simply click here for more information.


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