“We’re going on an adventure,” I told my four kids the night of that first church-plant meeting. It was dark, a week night, my husband had been deployed for months by then, and it was that time of evening between dinner and bed when the kids are bouncing off the walls and mama’s tired. And here I was with my gaggle of kids going to some “meeting” I had heard about with a bunch of people I didn’t know?!

 Call me crazy. My kids sure did. 

I began serving in RenoCity and quickly noticed a special opportunity to serve God. 

I could see so many people aching for community and a deeper understanding of God’s love, just like me. I prayed for God to work in the lives of the people at Renovation and to use me as His tool however He willed.  God answered my prayers in the most exciting, humbling and awesome way.  I am thrilled about jumping into God’s latest adventure for me - serving as the Director of Reno City!

From here, I have gotten a front row view to see God inspiring volunteers, friendships form, and the joy that fills a child as they learn about God.  

My amazing husband, Jack is experiencing his own adventure with God.  With his support, plus confidence in the Truth of God and His perfect plan, I am embracing my “weird,” aware of my many weaknesses, but just thrilled at the opportunity to serve Christ in this new position. 

My prayer for every person who walks in the door of RenoCity, at any age, is to know and feel the love, joy, and freedom of Jesus Christ. I want to laugh with you (hopefully without snorting, but if it comes out…well…you’re welcome?). I want to listen to your struggles over a cranky toddler or your worries that your 3-year-old truly believes he is a wolf!  I want to talk with you about life and God all mixed up together and walk beside and encourage any person who doesn’t yet see how very special and purposeful their quirkiness is when they’re following God’s beautiful plan.