Are you ready to host your own?


  1. To have fun – no excuses or reasons are needed to celebrate.

  2. To provide an opportunity to know your neighbors and where they live. 

  3. To establish friendships. 

  4. To increase that sense of belonging within a community. 

  5. To learn a little about each other and know who might need a little extra help from time to time.

  6. To meet neighbors on your block that might be able to help you with a gardening problem, or lend you that needed ingredient for your recipe. 

  7. To encourage neighbors to look after the neighborhood. 

  8. To help with safety/crime prevention by knowing who lives here and who does not. 

  9. To increase security by knowing each other’s schedules. 

  10. To develop an opportunity to meet some of the older neighbors and learn more about your community history.

  11. To create a positive identity in your community. A block party makes a statement that says, “We are a church that cares about our community!” 

  12. To give you an easy way to initiate relationships with others that do not know Jesus.

  13. To engage with and impact the lives of people who would never attend Renovation Church.

Block Party Playlist