I was born and raised by incredible parents in the beautiful state of Minnesota. I do love hockey, can drive a snowmobile, experienced -50 F,  and now live in the South (because -50 F).  I am the eldest of four and the only daughter.

After graduating I enlisted in the United States Air Force where I served during war time and was eventually stationed in Northern California. I grew exponentially during that time, working as an Aerospace Technician on the C-5 aircraft.

Shortly after I had my son, Austin, I began to pursue an understanding of God and how I could reconcile all of the different belief systems that had been indoctrinated in me (Catholic and Evangelical).  I found God in a series of events that proved to be infallable and my life was forever changed.

After many years, the birth of my daughter, Lily, a dissolved marriage, many travels and a beautiful tapestry of all the in-between I found my forever testimony and faith: God's redemptive story never ends, he loves me and he wants to use my life to bring him glory! And not only that, but he does not want me to do so in a cloak of shame and regret but an undeserved bounty of grace and purpose!

I am humbled to be on staff at Renovation Church, praying and working diligently to share Christ with every man, woman and child. I am privileged to lead an incredible team of volunteers who pour into the children of our community each week with love, compassion and intention.

My husband Johnnie and I are thankful to be have been called to a community of believers that are truly living out the greatest commands of Jesus Christ; to love God and love one another.