Today, each of us can begin the journey of taking BOLD actions to be a part of what God has in store for 2018. Here are a few ways that we can be a part of the BOLD year God has ahead of us:


1. Actively pursue BOLD PRAYERS by joining the 21 Days Of Prayer + Fasting.

We’ve designed a 21 Day Guide that you can follow along with. If you sense God has more for your life, 21 Days of Prayer + Fasting is a great place to start believing Him for all that He has for you.

2. Choosing to make a BOLD COMMITMENT to the vision by taking the next step to serve.

God has a plan to use each of our gifts to make a difference in our community. If you are ready to make a bold commitment, make plans to be a part of volunteer teams.

3. Praying towards BOLD GIVING by committing to recurring gifts online or giving a one-time gift by 04/01/2018.

Our Vision Builders goal is to finish the remaining $240,000 goal from 2017. To date, there is $82,869.03 remaining to be given towards Vision Builders by April 1st, 2018. Generosity is a key ingredient for seeing what God has laid before us this year become a reality!
*Select Vision Builders from the Giving Fund.

4. Engaging your “ONE” with as many BOLD CONVERSATIONS as possible.

Together, we can see families made whole, relationships restored, and lives renovated by the Gospel. Take time to determine who your "one" could be and begin your conversations today.