Life Is Better Together

Simply defined, ‘Missional Community Groups’ are weekly gatherings designed to carry out our vision for serving our Circle Of Accountability (C.O.A.) and engage in community with one another.

A better definition could be... A community of people organized to give every man, woman, and child within its circle of influence multiple opportunities to see, hear, and respond to the gospel.


You can find an MCG based on location, schedule, and mission. Contact the leaders to get more info, and make plans to visit a home in person!

Missional Communities

Missional Community Groups live and experience life together like a family, asking “What does loving my city and neighbor really look like?" Our missional community groups meet weekly for a meal, discuss and plan serving individuals, families and groups in our community and have conversations about “missional living”.

Everyone has a desire for relationships that move beyond the superficial. Missional Community Groups provide that opportunity to build relationships around the gospel that grow as the mission is served. Missional community groups bring life to Renovation’s mission and vision.

Want to know more?

Life truly is better together. We'd be happy to help you find community within one of our MCGs. Send us a message with a few details below and we will contact you shortly.

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