Life Is Better Together

Everyone has a desire for relationships that move beyond the superficial. Missional Community Groups (or MCGs) provide an opportunity to build relationships and grow in their faith as the mission to reach every man, woman, and child is served.

3 Helpful Tips For Finding An MCG

Looking for a group but don’t know where to start?

1. Look For Who's Close

What better way to meet your neighbors and meet the needs of your local context than to be involved in a group that is close to where you live? Using proximity as a filter for selecting a group will allow you to find an MCG that is close to you and likely filled with individuals who also live close to that group’s location.

2. Check Your Schedule

Everyone has a different flow to their school and work week and times that are best available for meeting with friends. When selecting from the list of groups, check your weekly schedule and choose a group that meets at a time that is most compatible with your weekly free time.

3. Identify By Mission

Third, ask yourself, “What breaks your heart?” Each Missional Community Group has a specific area they focus on for serving their community called a “Mission.” Identifying what breaks your heart about your community, whether it be local schools, food pantry, or even serving local military families is a great way to narrow down what MCG is best for you.

Need more help?

Life truly is better together. We'd be happy to help you find community within one of our MCGs. Send us a message with a few details below and we will contact you shortly.

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